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Affordable prescription drugs

Last session, I co-sponsored a joint resolution in the Maine Senate to urge the president of the United States and Congress to allow certain affordable and safe prescription drugs to be imported from Canada because I’m concerned with the high cost of prescription drugs that Mainers are faced with for the medicines they need to live a full and healthy life. As a resident of Calais, I’m all too aware of the fact that our neighbors to the north pay a fraction of the price for the exact same medications, and as a result, many of my constituents struggle to afford their medications.

While there has been an appetite in the Maine Legislature to import some of these lower-cost medications into Maine to help alleviate the high cost of prescriptions here, federal law prohibits it, which is why Congress must act.

Thankfully, Sen. Susan Collins has heeded our plea for change, recently co-sponsoring the Safe and Affordable Drugs from Canada Act. This bipartisan bill has the potential to make a real positive impact for the people of our state. Please join me in thanking her for signing on to this important bill.

Sen. Marianne Moore


Don’t delay health care

A plea to women: now’s not the time to disregard your health women often put the needs of others over those of their own. As caretakers, it is hardwired into our DNA and an integral part of who we are. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many in-person health care services, such as screening mammograms, were placed on hold as we navigated how to safely provide care in a new environment. More than a year later, while OVID-19 is still very much a part of our life, we are in a much better position with the knowledge, tools and safety procedures to protect you. I am urging women to not delay their care. Annual screenings, such as mammograms, are a very important part of how we can find problems early before they become more dangerous and more difficult to treat.

Women should rest assured, they are in good hands. While we have always prided ourselves on providing a safe and welcoming environment for them to receive care, we now have many enhanced safety measures in place including strict sanitization of all spaces and medical grade face masks for both patients and the medical team. I invite people to learn more about these protocols, and more, on our website, northernlighthealth.org/safecare.

Please do not delay care any longer. Before we can truly care for others, we need to ensure our own health.

Susan O’Connor, M.D.

Breast Surgery Clinic

Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center Cancer Care


So Maine should rejoin Massachusetts?

Sen. Susan Collins has decided that the best way to address the injustice of denying the citizens of Washington, D.C., representation is to merge them with Maryland and grant them a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

If this is true, maybe she can address the long-festering injustice of Maine’s admission as a state (in 1820 the separation of Maine from Massachusetts was a deal to extend slavery to Missouri) by reuniting Maine back into Massachusetts.

The citizens of the former state of Maine would still elect two representatives to Congress, but like the merged D.C., would have to depend on the majority of Maryland/Massachusetts voters to elect their senators. Goodbye, Sens. Collins and Angus King! No more costly and annoying Maine U.S. Senate races.

If one makes sense, the other does, too.

Michael Grunko

Chebeague Island