Grade 12, high honors: Noah Curtis, Riley Grant, Brantley Kane, Brylee McGuire and Anna Strout; honors: Rianne Fraser, Ally Moores, Tania Paniagua Ortiz, Bryan Paniagua, Nicklas Snider and Ronald Williams.

Grade 11, high honors: Joseph Ray-Smith; honors: Holly Lisett Anderson, Marissa Arey, Fatima Herrera Vargas, Anyelis Perez Padilla, Ryan Rolfe and Mali Smith.

Grade 10, high honors: Lydia DeSchiffart, Matthew Haire, Andie Lovejoy, Laney Oliver, Jenny Perez-Vazquez, DeVae Reynolds and Tristin Rodriguez; honors: Emmalee Donahue-Ripley, Katrina Hatt, Estrella Paredes-Vazquez, Baylee Ross, Austin Rusecky and Ceanna Wallace.

Grade nine, high honors: Emma Fraser, Chloe Look, Delaney McDowell, Jacob McLaughlin, Autumn Peterson and Jasmin Schoppee; honors: Lucy Berry, Taylor French, Liam Gamache, Daniel Ledford, Kaitlyn Lee, Blake Lovejoy, Emma Moores, Logan Norton, Brisa Ortiz-Garcia and Sydney Strout.

Grade eight, high honors: Abigail Holubrinkle, Emma Parker, Hannah Roeber, Nevaeh Schoppee, Konner Strout and Charles Willey; honors: Armando Absalom, Ashton Hammond, Brayden Kane, Cody Leighton, Dylan Lovejoy and Jazmin Reyes-Patino.

Grade seven, high honors: Leyla Flores, Micah Look, Derek MacLeod, Marin Norton, Lukas Pounder and Fatima Zamora; honors: Ayla Bagley, Anabella Cirone, Reagan Haycock, Mark Hurlert, Alexa Johnson, Erin Moores, Cameron Morris, Floriberto Paredes-Vazquez and Natalie Stanwood.