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Upset by police coverage

I am very upset over the articles the BDN has written about our state police. The zero-defect mentality that society puts on our men and women in law enforcement is unrealistic. The burden of responsibility that cops carry is one people will only know if they’ve donned a uniform and picked up a weapon. We are all humans, not robo cops!

Thank you to all the police keeping my family and community safe. As a retired marine military police/corrections officer, I know and appreciate that these officers are standing the watch. Thank you, Semper Fi, Semper Aquias.

Matthew Fiske


Not a dumping ground or an extension cord

I recently learned from the Natural Resources Council of Maine that an astounding 30 percent of waste going to our state-owned Juniper Ridge Landfill in Old Town is being sent up from other states like Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Now, Central Maine Power is ripping up a portion of the western Maine forest, against the will of many of the local residents, so Massachusetts can import so-called “clean” energy from Hydro-Quebec.

Maine hasn’t been a colony of Massachusetts for more than 200 years. We aren’t their dumping ground and absolutely should not become their extension cord. Enough is enough. Vote yes this November to ban the CMP Corridor.

Linda Dubois


Not so fair and balanced

I recently saw Tucker Carlson tell people to report parents whose children are wearing masks to the police or child protective services. He said it is “abuse.” This is not only reprehensible and irresponsible but incendiary and dangerous!

So now he is calling the Central Maine Power clean energy corridor a “corrupt green energy scam.” I think folks can disagree over its value to reduce fossil fuels or intrude on “wilderness,” but I don’t think it’s a scam. This type of misinformation and ignorance is becoming way too prevalent in our society today.

We need to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine which required broadcasters to present material that was honest, equitable and balanced. Carlson would be hard pressed to qualify by any stretch!

Hope MacDonald

Old Town

Respectful drivers

I bicycle many miles in a year and as a frequent rider through Old Town, I would like to thank all the drivers there who are so respectful of bikers. I think 95 percent of the times that I cross a busy street in Old Town such as Center Street, Stillwater Avenue, Main Street, I pull up to a stop sign and a driver coming in one direction or the other invariably stops to let me cross. That usually causes a driver from the opposite direction to stop as well.

I have biked throughout Europe and the UK, and I must say Old Town drivers rank right up there in their respectfulness for bikers with the Germans and the Dutch.

Beth White


How I use my BDN plastic bags

Recently the BDN had a letter from someone who objected to the paper’s use of plastic bags in its newspaper deliveries. I understand and even agree with arguments for reducing the use of plastic in general, but not those bags! Beyond keeping my paper dry, I prize them as dog-walking bags.

They also come in handy as meatloaf-making kitchen gloves, and pinch-hit for dealing with various messes when I can’t find my rubber gloves in a hurry. They are long enough to keep window-washing water from rolling up my arm. They’re great for capturing juicy kitchen scraps to go into the garbage without wetting everything else in there.

The BDN’s Sam Schipani no doubt can come up with 50 more uses for these colorful bags. I will end this screed with one more thought: soggy newspapers are one of life’s banes. You keep them dry, I’ll take care of the bags.

Ellen Corkery

Southwest Harbor