BANGOR — The City of Bangor’s Commission on Cultural Development offers grants to support local individuals involved in arts and culture projects, as well as non-profit arts and cultural organizations.

The Commission on Cultural Development has a grant award budget of $15,000 for this fiscal year. Individual artists may submit applications for grants for no more than $1,000; eligible organizations can apply for higher amounts.

The deadline for this round of grants is May 1. The decision process on each application will take a minimum of six weeks from the end of the application deadline, and applicants will be given the opportunity to speak on behalf of their organization, both with the Commission and with the City Council.

Those who are awarded grant funding will need to have the funding matched by a minimum of 50 percent through other means of fundraising (grants, donations, in-kind). Applicants will agree to use any awarded funds on projects that are located within the City of Bangor and that directly serve the Bangor community.

An application and more information (including a list of projects that have been funded in prior years) can be found at Those with questions about the grant process should contact