CONCORD, New Hampshire — A New Hampshire man has to pay a $5,000 fine following an exchange with a Black man last summer at a gas station, where he’s accused of pointing a nozzle at the man, shouting racial slurs and telling him to “go back to Africa.”

A judge found that John Doran, 62, of Seabrook violated the New Hampshire Civil Rights Act. The decision reached Friday was released publicly Monday.

The man, identified in court paperwork as “J.C.,” was traveling with family and leaving the gas station in a vehicle on July 29. The vehicle passed by Doran, who was near his motorcycle at the gas pumps. Doran shouted a racial slur at the family, according to a complaint.

Doran, who is white, and also facing criminal threatening and simple assault charges, said the driver spat toward him and that he believed that that action was racially motivated. He also said people got out of the vehicle and attacked him before he shouted racial slurs.

A video recording with no audio was submitted as evidence. The judge’s order indicates that a fight broke out, but said she didn’t find Doran’s testimony credible. She said it was contradicted by a large amount of other evidence.