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Don’t forget about Cuomo’s nursing home scandal

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has occupied a lot of the news lately, primarily due to his reported behavior with younger women. His other scandal, that of mislabeling a number of nursing home resident COVID-19 deaths as hospital deaths, has not received the press’ attention that I think it should. I think that is because the press has failed to understand what was behind his trying to disguise the COVID-19 nursing home deaths.

When COVID-19 hospital deaths initially were rising, rather than make more use of the floating Navy hospital or other temporary hospital beds provided by the federal government, Cuomo chose to send COVID-positive patients to nursing homes. That resulted in spreading COVID-19 to many nursing homes and likely causing many more deaths. That was a major mistake. That is why he tried to conceal the number of COVID-19 nursing home deaths.

I agree that Cuomo allegedly being inappropriate with younger women isn’t right. His likely causing a lot of nursing home residents to die simply to avoid using resources provided by the other political party is much worse. The press should make note of that.

Phil Cyr


Caribou Rehab and Nursing Center


Canadian border common sense

As the state senator for Washington County, I am tremendously grateful to U.S. Sen. Susan Collins for her recent letter to the Biden administration to encourage a more common-sense approach to the ongoing border closure between Maine and Canada. While limiting exposure to COVID-19 at our borders is crucial, the year-long closure has had a tremendous impact on the communities I represent. Here in eastern Maine, our communities and economy are intricately tied to our Canadian neighbors, with essential supplies and families spread out on both sides of the border. 

The ability to cross the border freely is essential to our way of life, which is why this extended one-size-fits-all closure has disproportionately impacted our area, which has remained a low- transmission area throughout most of the pandemic. While the initial closure was necessary, I hope the Biden administration will now consider exemptions for day-to-day local commerce and to allow families to be reunited now that vaccines are becoming available to more Mainers by the day. 

We have done our part to prevent the spread of the pandemic for a year now, and largely, we have been successful. It is my hope the Biden administration will now consider Collins’ request so we can reunite with our Canadian family members and have access to the critical services we have come to depend on to support our rural communities. Please join me in thanking Collins for her attention to this important matter.

Sen. Marianne Moore


The party of ‘no’

The Republican party talks a good talk but doesn’t follow up on the rhetoric. They say they want compromise, yet when it comes to truly working in a bipartisan manner, they walk away.

That was proven once again by the recent vote where not a single Republican in Congress voted for the COVID-19 relief bill put forward by Democrats. They are truly the party of “no” when it comes to the working class. President Joe Biden’s legislation will help all working-class people in a time of dire need.

Compare this to the former president’s legislation that gave major tax breaks to the top 1 percent while weakening access to health care provided by the Affordable Care Act.

This proves to me that the Democrats are the champions for all of us working people. They have just delivered a bill that will provide direct payments to families in dire need of assistance. They are providing assistance to state and local governments that have been hit hard by COVID-19, accelerated the delivery of vaccines to millions of Americans and are making sure that our schools will be open and functioning safely.

The Democratic Party is working for us “the people” not just millionaires and billionaires. I hope the working people of this state and across the country can finally appreciate what a competently run government means to all of us and support future democratic legislation that supports “us” and not listen to the party of “no.”

Donovan Todd