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Grateful for PPP

Here at Governor’s Restaurant we are very grateful to Sen. Susan Collins for her commitment and passion for both rounds of the Paycheck Protection Program. Without the “helping hand up” this program provided us during this prolonged pandemic, times would be much different (and I would have even more gray hair!).

Collins’ PPP has made a tremendous difference for our 210 employees because we’ve been able to retain our staff within historical levels, and it’s allowed us to reward those employees who stuck with us since the early days of the crisis.

While my parents ran the place by themselves back in 1959, things are very different today. In my 35-year career as an owner/operator, we have made it clear that all the credit goes to our people and we have always taken care of them. In the chaos of the unknown early days of the pandemic (prior to PPP), it was the first time in my career that I truly feared we couldn’t take care of them. The PPP was a very, very important part of the moving plan going forward.

Here at Governor’s we can’t thank Collins for her leadership enough. Her work ethic and passion for what she does (especially in such a partisan/divisive political time) is so admired. Washington, D.C., certainly needs more of her type of politics. Maine, as well as this country, is lucky to have her. We certainly have some great haddock chowder for her when she stops in next!

Randy Wadleigh

Governor’s Management Co.

Old Town

People are getting left behind

On Fridays my husband and I both work from home; he is in customer service for a plow company, and I am an administrator in financial services. Our son, a student at Edna Drinkwater School, has class meetup and assignments to submit online. Our internet connection goes from barely keeping up to intermittent failure throughout the day. I count my blessings because we’re some of the lucky ones.

All over Northport and rural Maine there are families struggling to meet the demands of working and learning remotely. And then there are the teachers, absolute rock stars, doing their best to serve all students equally. I’m thankful our situation is manageable, but for so many it is impossible. People are getting left behind, and when those people are kids, it’s just not right.

We used to have a broadband committee in Northport trying to address our internet challenge. It fizzled out, but I was glad to learn at our last town Select Board meeting that new committee members have been appointed and are getting to work. This is a high priority for our selectpeople and town staff.

I’m on the ballot for the Northport Select Board on April 14, and my top two priorities will be to make affordable high-speed internet available for all of Northport, and to maintain our quality town services and high standard of public education, without causing undue burden for Northport tax payers, many of whom are facing harder times than usual due to the effects of the pandemic.

Breanna Pinkham Bebb


Breathing easier

Someone doesn’t have to be a Republican or Democrat to breathe easier as one watches press briefings under the new administration in Washington, D.C. Finally, the spokesperson is knowledgeable, thoughtful, informed and informative. I cannot applaud enough the change in tone. The comparison between today’s briefings, and the past four years is glaring.

The relief I feel when hearing what the government is attempting to do, is considering doing, within all the departments that have so far spoken publicly, as compared to the previous obfuscation, outright “alternative facts” and general indifference and lack of knowledge, is palpable. Finally, our elected officials are doing what they are being paid to do — support the Constitution, serve the citizenry and protect the country.

I frequently find myself sighing with relief, and breathing easier, even if I may not specifically agree with every word, knowing that these people are doing their job and looking after all of us, whoever, and whatever each of us may believe. Thank God for democracy.

Nancy Nadzo