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KENNEBUNK – Four of Maine’s nonprofits are teaming up to present a free virtual webinar series during February school vacation, called Kindness to Animals Week. Animal Welfare Society, Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals, Center for Wildlife and Marine Mammals of Maine are pleased to announce their webinar topics, focusing on winter wellness for Maine’s wild and domesticated animals.

AWS’ webinar will cover community cats, also known as feral cats. Students will learn ways to tell when outdoor cats need our help and how to provide for them, especially in the wintertime. The welfare of horses will be the topic presented by the MSSPA. Discussions will focus on how horses keep themselves warm and happy during the cold Maine winters and the important ways humans care for horses all winter long. Focusing on animals that live in Maine, the Center for Wildlife will introduce the different wild animals the Center cares for medically and discuss how we can all support our wild neighbors, especially when the temperatures drop. Marine Mammals of Maine’s webinar will dive into a discussion on two species of seal that can only be found in Maine’s waters in the wintertime. Students will learn what makes these snow-loving marine mammals unique and what to do if the seals need help.  During the interactive webinars, students will be encouraged to ask questions, explore the animals’ world virtually and engage their feelings of empathy and compassion. 

“We are excited to collaborate on this safe and fun educational experience for school vacation week,” explains Brie Roche, AWS’ Humane Educator and the event organizer. “Because each of our missions focus on different species, children will get a broad understanding of how to help all of Maine’s animals, especially when it’s cold outside. Students will learn to appreciate the resiliency of animals and how to best co-exist with them and protect our natural world.”

These 40-minute webinars are presented free of charge and intended for students in grades K-8. They will take place daily at 10 a.m. starting Tuesday, Feb. 16 via the meeting app Zoom. To obtain the Zoom credentials, RSVP to participate in any/all of the webinars at

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