Nearly a dozen Lewiston Police Department employees have tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Lewiston Police Department is testing all officers, staff and administration members for the virus after 11 people in the department tested positive, Lt. David St.Pierre said Wednesday morning.

St. Pierre said that employees who don’t feel well have been advised to stay home, while the department continues to sanitizer work areas and cruisers and allow some staff to work remotely.

St. Pierre said that administrative functions have been scaled back, but assured that “the police WILL respond” when called.

That news comes amid a weekslong surge driving record-high levels of coronavirus transmission across the state. As of Wednesday, there have been 12,208 coronavirus cases across the state and 218 deaths, according to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Of those, 1,609 have been in Androscoggin County, where Lewiston is located.