BASS HARBOR –: Kate Stitham is the president and founder of Maine-based consulting firm Integrative Inquiry. This January, she will launch a hybrid online learning program to help businesses struggling with the overwhelming ideological divides they face in their workplaces after one of the most polarizing election cycles in U.S. history. The three-month course trains leaders to navigate these complex conversations in meaningful ways.

“Maine has always prided itself on independence and the ability to look past partisanship to choose leaders that will act for our community’s best interests, not along party lines. Yet as a community we are demonstrating increasingly strong differences of opinions, values, and perspectives, and we are losing our ability to communicate with one another. If there is anything that 2020 has shown us, it’s that our communities and workplaces are not homogenous. There is a growing fracture across our state, and our nation.” says Stitham. “This course aims to help organizations create space for dialogue to hold those hard-to-have conversations, instead of just delivering information or creating top-down policies. We focus on the interpersonal and cultural gap that organizations have to even start conversations authentically. If you’re not able to discuss difficulties as a team, it limits your ability to change workplace culture.”

The program mixes an expertly crafted curriculum of work materials and recorded videos with live online workshops, peer practice, and personal coaching for a cohort of diverse leaders from different industries and sectors. All classes are taught by the consulting team at Integrative Inquiry and all coursework is available on the Institute of Inquiry learning platform, where classes can be chosen and bundled by clients and cover a variety of in-demand curriculum options including critical consciousness, distributive power, authentic inclusion, and conversing across value differences.

Being mindful of both the toll that Maine businesses have taken during the pandemic this year and the need for this class to reach people as soon as possible, Integrative Inquiry is offering signup at a discount for local businesses. Using the code mainebusiness2021, buyers can save 20% on up to 20 registrants, making this a perfect option for multiple people from an organization to join up and go through together.

Integrative Inquiry was recently named a Top 10 Consulting firm in 2020 by Manage HR Magazine. Kate herself is on the leadership council for the National Small Business Association, which advocates for small business policy and resources. They have worked with a variety of Maine clients including the City of Portland, Goodwill NNE, and Maine Boys to Men.Contact Integrative Inquiry at, or call at 207-370-2097.