Portland Pie Co. pizza dough was tampered with at a Hannaford in Saco, and it may extend to further retailers. Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik / BDN

Federal authorities are evaluating the case against a man accused of sticking razors in pizza dough sold at Maine supermarkets, the Portland Press Herald reported.

Saco Police Deputy Chief Corey Huntress said that his investigators are sharing information with a federal agency, the Press Herald reported.

It is a federal crime to interfere with interstate commerce by tampering with food. The first case police learned of occurred at a Hannaford Supermarket in Saco on Oct. 5 and Nicholas Mitchell, 38, was arrested Sunday in Dover, New Hampshire for allegedly tampering with bags of dough at two or more stores in Maine’s York County.

Mitchell was a forklift operator at It’ll Be Pizza, which produces fresh pizza dough balls for Portland Pie Co., but does not appear to have tampered with products while he worked there, instead inserting the razors while posing as a Hannaford customer, police said.

Police traced a tampering case as far back as a Sanford family’s discovery on Aug. 14.

Three supermarket chains ― Shaw’s, Hannaford and Star Markets ― have pulled Portland Pie products from their New England stores.

Hannaford has recalled all Portland Pie products purchased since Aug. 1.

The federal charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years.