Joann Cardini holds up two giant potatoes purchased at Tardif Farms in St. Agatha. Credit: Courtesy of Bruce Bernier

ST. AGATHA, Maine — Whoever said everything is bigger in Texas has likely not visited northern Maine.

The St. John Valley, long known for its monster-sized moose and muskie, can now add the distinction of producing gigantic potatoes — at least on one St. Agatha farm.

While staying at his summer place on Long Lake, Bruce Bernier of Connecticut photographed his girlfriend, Joann Cardini, holding two potatoes weighing in at more than four pounds each.

The couple had purchased the potatoes from Tardif Farms in St. Agatha.

Bernier shared the photo of Cardini holding the massive spuds on Facebook. The post has already been shared by nearly 1,000 people.

In fact, the photo’s popularity has led to a bit of unusual notoriety for Cardini, according to Bernier.

“We were going to restaurants and people were pointing at Joann and saying, ‘That’s the huge potato girl,’” Bernier said.

Tardif Farms owners Jean-Guy and Judy Tardif are family friends, Bernier said.

“They come from Connecticut on vacation two or three times a year and always stop by on the farm,” Jean-Guy Tardif said.

Bernier pre-ordered 150 pounds of potatoes in 50-pound bags during the most recent visit.

This season’s crops on Tardif Farms yielded 10 such giant potatoes, so Jean-GuyTardif dropped a couple in Bernier’s bags.

Bernier and Cardini have been enjoying the colossal russets ever since.

They have prepared loaded baked potatoes with chili, bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream and fresh chives.

“We also slice them thin and make scalloped potatoes, and lastly, of course, mashed potatoes with tons of butter,” Bernier said.