This Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018, photo shows Charter Communications, Inc.'s Spectrum trucks in the parking lot at a Spectrum customer center in Orlando, Fla. Credit: John Raoux | AP

A cable television and internet service provider is creating 200 new jobs at its Portland call center.

Spectrum’s new workers will handle billing, account management and technical support for the company’s cellphone customers. The center used to handle cable TV subscribers, according to an announcement released on Wednesday.

The news comes at the right time for Mainers who filed some 2800 unemployment claims last week for the week before. Spectrum last hired en masse about 100 workers as billing clerks in May.

The company made the news more recently when an independent auditor alleged that it accumulated more than $142,000 in unpaid franchise fees in southern Maine in 2017 and 2018.

The newest workers will start at $16.50 per hour. The company has committed to a $20 minimum wage for its staff in 2022, according to the announcement.