Native brook trout can be found in waterways throughout Maine. This particular trout, caught in Winterport, was released after the photo was taken. Credit: Courtesy of Matthew Denbow

The BDN is looking for reader-submitted outdoor stories. Here’s one from Brian Burby.

Sue and I decided to explore Spring River Lake on Oct 1. As we unloaded our canoe, we noticed a lot of fish breaking the surface of the lake in the cove at the public landing. As we paddled out we took a closer look and discovered countless brook and brown trout swimming in the crystal clear water. We have had a remote home on a Down East Lake for 33 years and have never seen this in Maine fresh water. We are familiar with fish schooling in other states, but not Maine.

We continued on, exploring the beautiful sand beaches and foliage. Don’t miss the outlet to Tunk Stream and the meadow. Beautiful.

Back to the fish. As we approached the landing, we noticed a young man fishing from the shore. He was all too excited to tell us how he was catching brown and brook trout like [there was] no tomorrow. He was on his way to Ellsworth to see his girlfriend and decided to try his luck, which was so good he was willing to take the heat from his girlfriend for being late. In the short time it took us to load our canoe, he landed two more browns and a 17-inch brook trout with no clipped fins. He generously offered his prize trout to us, but we declined and after a selfie he released it. He was still there casting his Daredevle lure when we left.

Maybe the full moon had something to do with it. It was a great day.

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