Versant Power on Wednesday warned people to beware of phone scams after customers reported being targeted by scammers claiming to represent the utility company.

Scammers are targeting customers and threatening to disconnect their service if they don’t make a payment within 30 minutes.

The company is reminding customers that scammers often make demands for immediate payment and threaten disconnection. Their calls can also appear as Versant Power on caller ID, it said.

Versant Power said it will never contact customers via phone call demanding immediate payment or threaten to disconnect their services.

“We will never require payment by a prepaid debit card. If a customer is late making payments, they are notified by mail, may receive a notification by automated or personal call, and are encouraged to contact us to work out an arrangement.”

The company urges customers not to give out credit cards or other payment information over the phone unless they’ve initiated the call themselves and to end suspicious calls and contact the Customer Contact Center at 207-973-2000 for assistance.