HERMON, Maine — Ryan Dean of Winterport led from the pole to the checkers in the Dysart’s Late Model feature for his first win of the season Saturday night at Speedway 95.

Dean took off from the pole, with Kris Watson of Kenduskeag in hot pursuit. Last week’s winner, Brenton Parritt of Steuben started seventh and spent the first half of the race trying to work his way through traffic, taking the third position on lap 29 of the 40-lap event.

With no caution periods to slow the field, Parritt was unable to catch Dean and Watson, who finished in the top two spots. Parritt was third, followed by Deane Smart of Milford and Cole Robinson of Clinton. Parritt won the division’s only qualifier.

Other Speedway 95 results

(Finish, car number, driver, hometown)

Casella Recycling Street Stocks: 1. 1 Scott Modery, Hermon; 2. 20 Joe Harriman, Liberty; 3. 7 Shane Tatro, Levant; 4. 35 Kris Watson, Kenduskeag; 5. 80 Steve Kimball, Holden

Casella Waste Systems Sport-Fours: 1. 10. Isaac Rollins, Hudson; 2. 3 Caleb Bernatchez, Vasselboro; 3. 10B Hunter Bennett, Prospect; 4. 59 Dustin Lancaster, Rockland; 5. 28 Andrew McTague, Frankfort

Coca-Cola Company Cage Runners: 1. 29 Kevin Hartley, Carmel; 2. 5 Ethan Lyons, Skowhegan; 3. 8 Adam Gardner, Orono; 4. 25 Brad Bellows, China; 5. 72 Wayne Fox, Caribou

Cap’s Tavern Modified Enduro: 1. 19 Zach Audet, Norridgewock; 2. 08 Kyle Willette, Winslow; 3. 60 Caleb Willette, Winslow; 4. 78 Dustyn Carrow, Carmel; 5. 23 Scott Hunt, Glenburn