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Brightening my day

So why did I sit at the end of my driveway on Monday afternoon? It’s not that I didn’t have anything else to do, there is always something to be done. I hadn’t planned on being there, perched on the John Deere, yet there I sat. Apparently, my subconscious mind had been making a plan ever since reading about the parade that would pass by my house as it traveled from Bucksport to Bangor. When I noticed it was 12:30 p.m., my second brain kicked in; there was plenty of time for a spur of the moment idea.

By 1 p.m., I was all settled in with a patriotic welcome flag attached to the tractor, an American flag protruding from the hood and me wearing a stars-and-stripes T-shirt. With time to spare, I reflected upon why I was sitting there. I knew the parade was part of the Trump rally. But I sat at the end of my driveway for a different reason; to show respect and honor for those taking part who were vets, active military or first responders. I enjoyed their enthusiasm and waves. I thank them for their service and brightening my day!

Deb G. Holmes


Let’s debate ideas

I’ve lived in Waldo County my whole life. I’ve served our community in the Legislature. And I’m proud to know that a man like Col. Duncan Milne wants to use his experience to help serve this community that I love.

Unfortunately, Milne has been the target of a disgraceful negative mailer, which attacks him for living out of state. Milne left Maine because he was serving our nation in the military — something that deserves thanks, not attacks. After honorably serving our nation for 25 years, he could simply retire and remove himself from the fray. Instead, he is committed to working for our communities.

I hope you will join me in voting for him as your next state senator for Waldo County. I also hope that we see no more attacks like this; politics should not be a race to the bottom. Let’s get back to debating ideas.

Mike Thibodeau


Trump doesn’t respect voters

I hope people now planning to vote for Donald Trump realize that, if and when he is reelected, he will no longer have to pretend to be working for their best interests — because he will no longer need their votes. He’ll be free to do just as he pleases, which, given his propensity to change his mind, could include reversing some of the very policies they’ve admired him for.

Trump has no respect for contracts, as the people who worked on his New Jersey casino, among many others, learned to their expense. He is no more loyal to those who vote for him than he was to the numerous government employees he hired with great fanfare and praised to the skies, but later bad-mouthed and threw under the bus. He has no more respect for them than he has for our soldiers. He may think of voters, too, as losers — just tools to manipulate until they get him what he wants.

If people long for the good old days, as many of us now do, they can’t really believe that this man would ever have been given the time of day by our BS-detecting parents. They would have sent him and his snake oil packing.

Melodie Greene


This isn’t business as usual

Even though many colleges and universities are shifting to all digital or blended methods of instruction, tuition and fees show little sign of being reduced. For many of us, we did not sign up for remote coursework in the first place, and now we are quite literally having to pay the price for wanting to continue our degree programs.

It is no secret that students pay a lot for school already, but having to do this during a pandemic just feels cruel. Yes of course I expect to pay for school but having to pay more than $5,000 for three all online classes is excessive. Students often have to work and take care of other responsibilities, during a pandemic nonetheless.

Schools already need to reign in their tuition costs, but there really needs to be a better sense of empathy toward students during this outbreak. In a country with limited monetary support for people losing their jobs or being laid off, universities should not be acting like charging high tuition is business as usual.

Sammy Ellie Kohn Levitt

South Portland

Wonderful story, wonderful outlook

Thanks for the wonderful story about young Benjamin Ball who decided to hike all of the peaks in Acadia National Park this summer after all his activities were canceled due to the pandemic. I started reading the article just out of curiosity and found myself enthralled by his upbeat outlook on life.

During the time of COVID-19 when so many of us adults, myself included, complain about our “lost” summer, Ball’s ability to turn it into something positive snapped me right out of my self-pity. Beyond that, I love his excitement and enthusiasm for all the peaks he and his family have climbed, his eagerness to see more and the just plain wonder he has about life.

I have climbed three of the peaks over the past few years, my favorite being Dorr Mountain for the challenge it gave me. Ball’s has inspired me to check off some of the other peaks now.

I envy the many more experiences and adventures coming his way, maybe hiking the Appalachian Trail or Pacific Crest Trail, and all the wonders of the world awaiting him. I hope to see more stories of Ball’s adventures!

Nancy Bell


Biden needs to be different than Trump

Joe Biden has promised to make it profitable to manufacture in the U.S. many of the products we currently import. These products are often imported because they will sell cheaper than if they were made in the U.S.

How will Biden affect manufacturing costs in the U.S. to make these products competitive with imports? Higher import taxes? Tax advantages for manufacturers and employees?

We’ve had almost four years ruled by a president who can’t tell us the truth even if he wanted to. My message to Biden: Please be different.

Charlie Cameron