Credit: Stock image / Pixabay

Two brothers were arrested on Monday after several shots were fired at an occupied residence in Westbrook last month, according to police.

Alexander Fortin, 21, of Westbrook, and Joseph Fortin, 24, of Gorham, were both charged with class B aggravated reckless conduct, Westbrook police said.

Police described the incident as a shooting that occurred when an unidentified man went to Anderson Avenue on July 26 at about 1:52 a.m. and fired numerous shots into an occupied residence before breaking a window in the victim’s car. The suspect then fled the scene.

Police at the time said the shooting was an “isolated incident” with no threat to the general public. No injuries were reported.

Class B crimes are punishable by up to ten years incarceration and a $20,000 fine.

The brothers were booked at the Cumberland County Jail with bail set at $7,000 each, police said.