A report of a bear roaming Islesboro this week was slightly exaggerated, at least according to postings on the Islesboro Department of Public Safety’s Facebook page.

A posting from Thursday afternoon stated that a bear had been seen south of Christ Church on Pendleton Point Road at about 1:30 p.m. The posting noted that “bears are not common visitors to Islesboro, given that it is about two miles off the coast opposite Camden Hill State Park, Lincolnville and Northport ― a good lengthy swim for a bear.

“Until we are able to confirm the information obtained during the investigation please keep your pets under your control and trash covered,” Thursday’s posting continued.

Some comments under the posting were incredulous, while others saw humor in the report. “Knock it off,” one poster chided. “Not funny!”

“Were they a little [inebriated] when you got there? Although my friend said they had a bear on North Haven recently,” another said. “This is just unbearable,” someone else punned, while one poster wondered, “Coyotes, Sharks, Bears, what next?”

It turns out that the commenter who speculated that the bear was actually a “a black lab with a short tail” was closest to the truth, judging by a follow-up posting by police on Friday. The posting identified the large, shaggy dog in two photographs as Sugar, whom police believe “might [have] been evading mom and scaring the daylights out of people posing as a bear yesterday.

“Given the information obtained from mom and the witnesses we have determined” that the alleged bear sighting actually “was Sugar. This case has been closed, Sugar was not charged with any crime and needs extra milk bones for not being a big ‘ole bear,” Friday’s posting concluded.