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We can’t afford the blame game

How long can the federal government subsidize the rent of the millions who now need subsidizing, thanks to the virus? How long can the stock market, fueled by low interest rates, be a slot machine for investors big and small? The government needs to take the lead and demonstrate to major corporations how to invest heavily in the future of the country.

Government in Washington can no longer afford to play the blame game — the game demonstrated so well by Sen. Susan Collins. Her blaming the Democrats for holding-up the economy’s rescue might possibly get her a few more votes. Is her struggling to keep her seat in the Senate really what the majority of Mainers worry about these days?

Robb Cook


Wounded healers

In 2014, I went to visit an old friend who had developed dementia. This man had been a companion to me for many years and had seen me through some ugly times. His sweet wife stood outside the room at the nursing home and giving a hug said, “Matt, you are a wounded healer.”

Throughout my studies in addiction counseling at Beal College thus far, it has become apparent that this world is bursting with pain and plight. Whether it’s poverty, addiction, mental and/or physical illness, there’s always something happening to somebody, somewhere. In recent times, the hot topic has been the novel coronavirus.

While some may argue that it’s hyped up and/or used as a political weapon, perhaps we could look at it through a different lens. Perhaps we should ask ourselves, “What is the bigger picture here, and what are the lessons?”

There has been discussion regarding the possibility of using convalescent plasma from previously infected COVID-19 patients to cure currently infected individuals. Analogically speaking, imagine those who’ve survived the virus as being those who’ve survived emotional trauma.

My friend’s wife had a point. We’re all wounded healers in one way or the other. We all have the ability to use our own adverse experiences to help others experiencing a similar predicament in life. In my personal and professional opinion, we should all do just that. As the old adage goes, “Be the change you would like to see in the world.”

Matthew Heroux


Responsible boat owners

In regards to the recent BDN story about the harbormaster’s boat sinking: I live in Orrington within half a mile of the river. I received 3.1 inches of rain on Monday and 1.1 inches on Thursday. A responsible boat owner would have checked their boat after that much rain.

I guess if you don’t have any financial stake in it, you don’t have to. He should not be rewarded with a new boat.

Walter Hickson


Postal Service gets my vote

It would appear that our president is very concerned as to the postal service’s ability to handle mail-in ballots. They will be so overwhelmed that we will not know the outcome of the election for weeks after Nov. 3. As is his history, he doesn’t have data to support his claim. But he could mess it up by ordering a slowdown in delivery, which he seems to be preparing us for.

On the other hand, in support of the postal service’s ability to handle a brief overload, take a look at the Christmas season when folks are not sending out but one item each. Rather, just about everyone who can write, men, women and children, are sending out several, even dozens, of cards each and the system seems very capable of handling something like that.

My vote goes to the U.S. Postal Service. They can, and will, get it done on a timely basis.

But, again, an order from Trump to his hand picked head of the postal service could certainly screw it up. We must see to it that he does not give that order.

Russ Irwin