WATERVILLE —  “Heatwave Getaway” is on exhibit now until Sept. 12 at The Framemakers, Selah Tea Cafe, Incense and Peppermints, and The Last Unicorn. Featuring the works of Carol Batchelder, John Meader, Penny Linn, Thurston Gilman, Gale Davison, and Kami Thorpe, artwork may be viewed at the following local businesses, and virtually on The Framemakers’ Facebook page:

The Watercolors of Carol Batchelder at The Last Unicorn, 8 Silver Street
For the Love of Maine, the outdoor life of Western Maine, including many natural wonders of Maine, as well as the Rangeley Mothers and Babes series. Carol Batchelder has a BS in Art History and an MA in Art Administration. Carol has studied and practiced art throughout her lifetime. She focuses on Maine and other New England states, depicting our natural world and the joy of human relationships.
The Photography of John Meader at Selah Tea Cafe, 177 Main Street
John is the owner/director of Northern Stars Planetarium, a portable planetarium business that has served Maine schools for 31 years. He is a Registered Maine Guide and loves canoeing, hiking, and the outdoors. He lives in Fairfield with his wife, Laura, and has three grown children.

At The Framemakers — South Side Main Street Display Window: The Photography of Penny Linn. Linn is a photographer from Belfast, Maine. “I am generally drawn toward simple compositions that embrace the minimal while transforming the ordinary into an image apart from the obvious. In a sense, I extract photographs from the expansive landscapes we encounter in our daily travels. These are interpretations of landscapes beyond a common image, to view in a new way.”

North Wall: The Photography of Gale Davison
“I have a long history of using cameras to create art. My father gave me cameras and let me experiment with B&W darkroom techniques during my childhood and early adult years in New York State. I used a Canon F-1 single lens reflex camera from 1984 until transitioning into digital beginning in 2003. The transition to using digital equipment has been a challenging one for me. I began with a SONY point and shoot camera in 2003, and in 2008 I purchased my first serious DSLR, a Canon EOS 40D. I then upgraded to a Canon 5D Mark III in 2012. I am delighted with the results of being able to use such sophisticated devices to capture the images I envision.”

South Wall: The Multi-Media Art of Thurston Gilman
A little over 15 years ago and subsequent death of his wife he started to paint in watercolor, interacting with friends in the art community and therefore deciding to paint for family and friends. He has created multiple paintings, watercolor and acrylic being his main medium. He moved back to Maine a little over a year ago. His love of the outdoors, skiing, sailing, hiking, tennis, etc. have been his early themes and he will continue to work in that venue. This is Thurston’s second show with The Framemakers.

Display Case: Unique-Glam Jewelry by Kami Thorpe
Unique-Glam is owned and operated by Kami Marie Thorpe. She started making jewelry over a decade ago as a hobby for herself, friends, and family and now creates one-of-a-kind pieces full time. Kami excels at working with clients for special orders to produce the perfect wearable work of art.