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Incredible courage from students

I’m incredibly impressed by the courage of Amara, Ijeoma, Ibby, Kosi and the anonymous student who shared their experiences with racism at Bangor High School. To share and disclose these horrific episodes at a place where they should feel safe shows amazing resilience and leadership.

We have a duty to ensure the safety of our children in their schools. We need to act, speak, write and march to support Maine’s youth.

Kate Muzzy

Southwest Harbor

Vote for Uhlenhake

In the upcoming election, the towns east of the Penobscot River, specifically, Senate District 8, have the opportunity to elect a strong, dependable leader. Bev Uhlenhake has been active in the greater Bangor Brewer area for as long as I’ve known her, which is close to 20 years. Most of us know her from her tenure on the Brewer City Council with two terms as mayor. And now that I live in Brewer, I’ve experienced first-hand her willingness to serve and respond to the needs and concerns of her constituency.

Uhlenhake is knowledgeable and compassionate with a firm grasp for what it takes to move all citizens in a positive direction. On a personal note, when I think of her, wit and grace come first to my mind. She will be a great asset in the Maine Senate. I’ll be doing what I can to be sure she gets there, hoping that the majority of District 8 does as well.

Krista Watson


Representing everyone

I want to thank Republican, Second Congressional District primary candidate Adrienne Bennett for her television ads that provide a true glimpse of how she would do her job.

She may think she is clever, bragging about her fondness for fighting liberals followed by a big whack on a piece of firewood with an axe. That’ll show ‘em!

It’s perfect red meat for her base.

However, the more than half of Mainers that have consistently rejected the divisive, divide and conquer, kick-butt style of Bennett and her former boss Paul LePage clearly have been put on notice that she, I believe, has no intention of representing them if elected. It’s sad when someone who aspires to higher office can’t even bring themselves to reject condescension and disdain for those who don’t think the same way he or she does.

We don’t always have to agree. But fundamentally we have to agree that everyone has a right to disagree.

Maine needs leaders that will listen to everyone, respect everyone, and represent everyone, not candidates that only see those of like mind and circumstances as worthy participants in our democracy.

Earl D. Brechlin

Bar Harbor

Where is the town by town data?

The Bangor Daily News fought for the COVID-19 case data to be released by town instead of by county yet you have never run it after the first day. On a recent day, we had an uptick of 42 cases in Cumberland County where I happen to live. Where were these cases? Bridgton, Brunswick? Falmouth?

What happened to town by town reporting, which is far more crucial to those of us who live here, than those pointless total case numbers and total case recovery numbers? What happened to real news?

Sandra Garson


Until hate is gone

It seems to me that there are two ways to end racism. One is to talk it out. The other is to squeeze it out. I’ve decided not to set foot on Deer Isle until the perpetrators have publicly apologized and demonstrated rehabilitation to the satisfaction of the Stonington and Deer Isle selectmen.

Needless to say, they could care less about me. But, if every off-island Mainer who has a friend of color or an employee or employer of color were to do the same, then I imagine the people of the island would do the rest. It would be quite something if suddenly the islanders didn’t get deliveries of food or beer or boat supplies or building products.

I look forward to the selectmens’ announcement that the hate is gone. Until then, I’m gone.

Bruce Brown


Yes on 1

Question 1 provides an opportunity to make a smart investment in the people and economy of Maine. In my role as a front-line technical support advisor, I assist people to work, teach, study and stay connected with loved ones from home. During the pandemic, the urgency of this need has become even more clear.

It is ironic that as I work to support others, my own job is threatened by poor internet service in Patten. For nearly 13 years my daily commute was over three hours long. In 2017, I was extremely fortunate to be offered a job with a global company and the amazing benefit to work from a home office. My three hour per day commute became a 30 second walk. This should have been the end of a very happy story, but was just the beginning of an ongoing struggle fraught with anxiety and threats to my employment.

In our town of Patten, broadband is available, but not on my road. The DSL service we subscribe to just barely meets the speed threshold that my employer requires. It is notorious for outages sometimes lasting for days making me an unreliable employee. A yes vote on Question 1 in July would help remove barriers to over 83,000 Maine households who do not have access to high speed internet. The creative, innovative and hard working people of our state require access to this necessary service to grow and thrive.

Corky Pinette


Calling people out

It is about time people are called on their racist actions. However, until we come up with a way to re-educate said people, they are not going to change. Are the police that have been fired or sentenced going to relent and correct their behavior?

I’m betting they and every bully suspected from school are going to double down on their racist thoughts and actions because now they have more to be angry about.

Diane Collar


Election notice

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