Susan Collins supports seniors

For years, Sen. Susan Collins has been a champion for policies that ensure America’s seniors have access to food and nutrition care. As chair of the Senate Aging Committee, she has led important efforts that will help us plan for a future beyond the COVID-19 public health emergency.

At a bipartisan hearing she led on how good nutrition promotes healthy aging, Collins noted that food insecurity affects 16 percent of older Americans. She also noted that 1 in 6 Maine seniors live with the threat of hunger and must often choose between buying nutritious food and paying necessary expenses.

Thanks in part to Collins’ efforts to work across party lines and across chambers, the Supporting Older American Act of 2020 passed. This landmark bill added important elements that the senator championed in hearings and statements, notably the inclusion of malnutrition screening, as well as flexibility to transfer funds between congregate and home delivered meal programs, meaning more seniors can be served when demand is high.

To help continue her work to support seniors access to nutrition care and support, Collins is once again demonstrating the value she places on food and nutrition by working to introduce new legislation, the Medical Nutrition Therapy Act of 2020, that would increase access to medical nutrition therapy for seniors, a critical piece of preventing their vulnerability during future pandemics.

We thank Collins for her continued efforts to keep seniors nourished and able to live independently and safely.

Kristine Kittridge


Maine Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


If you charge, they will not come

We’re enjoying the solace of RVing in Bar Harbor. It’s very quiet here without the tourists, obviously. And we’re feeling relatively safe with a virus alert still in place.

We understand from a business operator that the town of Bar Harbor elected to collect parking revenues this summer in spite of the possibility of a downturn in the local economy. What’s puzzling is that without the buses running this summer, why would they risk slighting potential visitors with such a decision? Logically, it would seem unrealistic to implement paid meter parking this summer during the down time.

The campground visitors are a primary user of the buses on the Island. We’ll be here for the better part of the summer — and I guarantee that we’ll not frequent the businesses, eateries and stores in town, especially, if we have to feed the meters each time we leave our campground. We’re thinking the downtown Bar Harbor erred by enacting paid metered parking — for summer 2020, at least.

Jack and Lu Gifford


Dale Crafts for Congress

Every election cycle, we as voters look for a person to represent our interests, fight for our values and listen to our concerns. It is important to elect people to Congress that put service before self.

I am supporting Dale Crafts for Congress, because he is a proven leader that we can trust. In these times of so much uncertainty, we need to have a representative who has proven to be trustworthy. Having known Dale and worked with him for many years, I have seen firsthand his honest and sincere approach and a level of integrity that is unquestionable.

Crafts is an experienced businessman, passionate outdoorsman and hunter, thankful father and grandfather and humble servant for the people.

Please join me in voting for Crafts for Congress on July 14.

Bob Emrich


Questions for Susan Collins

In regards to the June 2 BDN story, “Susan Collins calls Trump’s church photo op ‘unsympathetic’ and “insensitive’” — Collins’ breathtaking hypocrisy was once again on display as she issued her usual tepid scolding of Trump’s dangerous and unconstitutional behavior, while avoiding anything that will keep her from becoming his target.

Her sympathy for protesters’ rights is especially galling, given her own Bangor office’s allowing a peaceful 2017 sit-in by three women, including two 71-year-olds, to become a federal offense resulting in their arrest and jail sentences.

As Trump descended on Maine, Collins was conveniently “working” in D.C. But make no mistake, she is part of the Republican Senate that enables him. I’m tired of playing her “will-she-or-won’t she” game.

The only questions the media should be asking her are, not will she vote for Trump, but does she support his re-election. The other is whether she will support Mitch McConnell as Senate Republican leader. These are two easy yes or no questions that require no equivocation from an honest politician.

Judy Bielecki


Reconsider campaign priorities

I have no idea how much a typical political advertisement costs. The candidates constantly suggest that each is spending multiple millions of dollars to run false and misleading ads that include unflattering photos of each other. These quickly become irritating and mute button worthy. The following is a hypothetical political advertisement that could be praiseworthy during this time of national emergency:

“Dear people of Maine — I am seeking your support in the coming November election. However, in this time of national pandemic emergency and social upheaval, I also want you to know that I have made the decision to suspend televised political advertisements. This will allow my political campaign to redirect millions of dollars to addressing critical needs within our state such as programs to sustain small business, strengthening services for the unemployed, the procurement of needed medical supplies and equipment, fuel and food assistance efforts, and other acute emergency needs within our state.

“While I am suspending televised political advertisements, please know that I will continue to actively campaign and seek your vote. To do this I am committing to a series of televised forums where my political rivals and I can share the core beliefs and ethical principles that shape our political and policy positions, answer questions directly from Maine citizens, and debate the pressing issues of the day.

“Finally, I would ask that if you are contemplating donating to my campaign or a national party, please consider contributing instead to support one or more of the critical need areas, or to any other charitable service organizations helping to sustain our fellow citizens in this unprecedented time of need. This a time that calls us to reconsider our priorities in working together to overcome the health and social challenges of our shared national and state catastrophe.”

Neal Guyer