Matthew Foster Credit: Courtesy of Matthew Foster

Hancock County District Attorney Matt Foster says his Facebook account might have been hacked with an apparently racist post mocking looters who pillaged stores during protests over the death of George Floyd, the Ellsworth American reported.

Posted through Foster’s account as a comment to a friend’s Facebook post, it shows someone who looks like actor Robert Downey Jr. looking relieved while standing in front of a car with the caption, “When you thought you hit a dog but turns out it was just a looter.”

In an apparently unconnected incident, the same meme was allegedly used by a Brewer City Council member on his own Facebook account. Police charged Thomas Morelli with making a false public report in connection with the incident. He was issued a court summons and immediately resigned from the Brewer City Council on June 3.

Foster denied posting the meme and said he has changed his account passwords. He said he has searched but cannot find the post, which he said appears to have been removed, and does not plan to report the hacking to the police, the American reported.

“I do not support violence in any form, whether that be hitting someone with a car or looting,” Foster told the American. “I find both equally objectionable and illegal. I fully support all people’s right to demonstrate/protest peacefully.”

Maine Attorney General Aaron M. Frey told the American that with Foster issuing a denial and closing his account, “there is no basis for my office to initiate an investigation.”

Foster, a Republican, is serving his second four-year term as district attorney in Hancock and Washington counties. His term ends in 2022.