A message to the president

Please fellow citizens, when President Trump visits Maine, stay at home.

It is the very best way to send a message to him.

Ruth Basile


Standing up against violence

Yesterday, a gentleman in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania encouraged his community to stand up against violence. They gathered in front of a Target store and prevented violent protesters from entering and looting this store.

Such movements as Antifa (look it up in Wikipedia) and other anti-government, anti-police organizations that organize protests via social media and through websites should not be associated with the peaceful protesters who are concerned about individuals being abused or killed by those few individual police who are overstepping their bounds and not following humane lawful procedures.

Those of us who live in the Moosehead Lake area and northern Maine are very fortunate. We don’t have to contend with the inner city violence and destruction that is existing all around our country. However, we can keep informed and work at encouraging our leaders to do what it takes to keep order, allow peaceful protests and work together as a community and nation to protect our rights and safety and stand up against violence and anarchy.

Colleen Taylor

Shirley Mills

Stay out of Maine

Earth to President Trump: stay out of Maine.

We don’t want your tear gas, your Bible prop or your incitement to violence.

Peg Cruikshank


President Trump continues to deliver

With the news that President Donald Trump is visiting Puritan Medical Products in Guilford, I felt it was important to highlight the phenomenal work he has done fighting for Maine throughout this pandemic.

Through the CARES Act, signed by President Trump, the federal government has sent $1.2 billion to Mainers to help us put food on the table and pay our mortgage. The stimulus checks have been critical to me and my family.

To keep Mainers employed throughout the coronavirus, Sen. Susan Collins authored the Paycheck Protection Program, which President Trump signed into law, that has saved hundreds of thousands of jobs in Maine.

As part of Trump invoking the Defense Production Act, Puritan Medical Products received funding to expand to a second factory in Pittsfield, which will help Puritan double their production of critical coronavirus testing swabs.

As one of only two manufacturers of these swabs, Mainers can be proud of the work they are doing to fight the coronavirus.

While the Democrats and their media allies are quick to pounce on my president, I know that Trump will always fight for us.

Linda Porter


Boycott Trump visit

In the June 2 BDN article concerning Trump’s visit to Guilford on Friday, Gov. Janet Mills is quoted as asking him to tone down his rhetoric and not foment “seeds of distrust.” She also stated that his visit could cause “security problems.”

Per his usual “I’ll show you” attitude, he said she had “probably talked me into it,” instead of a more rational response, which would have been to perhaps cancel the trip.

I am wondering how large Trump thinks Guilford is, or, for that matter, how many people there are in Maine all together when he says he expects “a tremendous crowd.” Is he aware that only this week the state was opened up to groups of up to 50 in one place?

Sen. Susan Collins, our only Republican senator, will not accompany Trump on his visit. That might be telling.

Instead of large crowds, the citizens of Maine should boycott Trump’s visit and pay him no attention in the media. He needs to stay in Washington and take care of business there. We do not need him in Maine, without his mask, using Guilford as a photo op.

Delia Kenny


Grow some flower power

When was it that a young lady placed a carnation into the barrel of a national guard’s weapon? I’m not sure, but was this the time when ” flower power” was invented, which helped end the Vietnam war?

Up the street from me is a shell of a Volkswagon bug, which was once painted with flowers. Weeds cover the car today. The power of flowers can be made real all over today!

Gov. Janet Mills suggested that President Donald Trump “checks his rhetoric at the door.”

Better yet, let’s greet the president with the great power of flowers when he visits Guilford. Maybe this idea, if it were to grow like wildflowers, might calm down the violence which is tearing our country a part.

I do know that places of worship are closed, but that can not stop folks from praying for our brothers and sisters who are suffering from this terrible crime that four police committed when they were not thinking correctly. Our brothers and sisters need to know that the majority of Americans have compassion for them in their time of distress. “The power of flowers” could symbolize our care for them!

Robert Fournier


I warned them this would happen

For many months, going back to last year, I have been warning our elected officials of this coming catastrophe and the many indications and reasons, which were more than apparent right in front of them.

But they were more wrapped up in the farce of impeachment. I warned them of anarchy breaking out. Well here we are, just watch the news! Now, are they prepared for martial law? It’s the next logical progression of this unfolding catastrophe. Trump has already prepared the military for that.

Our elected officials have failed the citizens of the United States. They are responsible for this. As I told them back in January, if they did not act immediately to address the unfolding tragedy before us, we would look back from where we are now and not recognize our country as it used to be. One hundred thousand are dead, bankruptcies are rampant, there is nearly depression-era unemployment, food is getting scarce, and hunger is growing.

Here we are in a disaster that will not relent because they cannot lead, they cannot face the reality of this still unfolding disaster. It’s only continuous political bickering. They set the stage for disaster going back 30 years with their selling out America to foreign interests. I believe they are irrelevant, meaningless fools.

Lawrence Everett

West Paris