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Neil Labbe

BANGOR, Maine — Neil Labbe of Old Town recorded a hole-in-one on the 176-yard sixth hole on Bangor Municipal Golf Course’s Championship Course on Monday. He used a 5-hybrid for the ace and it was witnessed by Cindy Labbe.


At Kebo Valley, Bar Harbor

Golf Wars (Monday) — Gross Division: 1. Operation Hack 31, 2. Crickers 32, 3. Baggers 32; Net Division: 1. Newbies 26.5, 2. Hackers 27.35, 3. TitleLess 28.45; Pins: No. 6: Tom Goodwin 8-6, No. 9: Chris Coston 1-9

At Traditions GC, Holden

Women’s League — 1. Hilda Wardwell, Beth Wolverton, Dianne Swandal, Mary Smith, 32; 2. Susan Payne, Irene Woodford, Holly Taylor, Beverly Goldstone, 34; 3. Lesley Waterman, Loretta Robichaud, Rita Stimpson, Peggy Larabee, 36; 4.Shelley Drillen, Betty Jamison, Brenda Crosby, Stevie Lord, 38; 5. Nancy Carney, Jane Levie, Bonnie Richards, Gwen Archambault, 40. Pin: No. 8 Beth Wolverton 13-9