Deny service to people not wearing masks

We are told over and over by the best medical people in the country that some of the most effective ways to control the virus are social distancing and wearing a mask. Yet when I go to the grocery store, there are still maskless people going the wrong way in the now one-way aisles, creating traffic problems and exhaling their uncontained droplets for others to breathe. I find their obvious unconcern for my life infuriating.

All over the country in the summertime, stores of all sorts have the signs posted, “no shirt, no shoes, no service.” And you know what? No half-naked, barefoot people are allowed in the stores! I fail to see why the stores that post signs that say “masks required” can’t put that sign next to the “no shirts, no shoes” and deny service to the maskless.

Add masks: no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service! Enforce it!

Sue Shaw


Staying safe and healthy

I was astounded by the selfishness displayed in several of the letters to the editor in the BDN on May 25.

First, I am well aware and empathetic to the hardships being endured by everyone during the pandemic. Lost business and incomes create problems for everyone, for some more than others. I too desire for life to get back to something that passes for normal and miss seeing friends, going to church, and going on outings.

But there are facts we all must understand. People are contagious and spreading the virus for several days before having any symptoms or having a positive test. We must consider everyone we see as a potential spreader. The way we can slow the virus, short of a vaccine that is many months away, is social distancing and masks.

Folks believe their freedoms are abridged on a day when we honor the ultimate sacrifices to secure those freedoms? We are never free to yell fire in a crowded theater, dump toxic chemicals wherever we want, or drive 80 mph in town or 150 mph on the interstate. Why? Because these actions endanger others.

So while we remember those who gave their all, I ask these people if they are prepared to give their all to COVID-19? The all of a loved one, or several loved ones? I am not, and they do not have the freedom to spread the virus and infect others! I believe the only way to be safe is to stay closed.

Is staying closed difficult and a sacrifice? Yes! But it beats the alternative. May everyone stay safe and healthy.

John Albertini


Appalled by two-party failures

As a citizen and investor, I am continually appalled at the two party menagerie that argues continually over spilled milk and whodunit rather addressing the problem (cleanup), i.e. healthcare, the budget, mediocre education and yes, COVID-19.

Their latest fumble of the coronavirus pandemic merely underlines the basic incompetency of allowing politicians — generally trained as lawyers — to tackle problems that are the respective bailiwicks of economists, doctors, scientists, and engineers. But we are a nation dazzled by B.S. rather than enlightened by knowledge.

Frederick Mendel


What Trump shows us

With COVID-19 still in full swing, there are daily reports and newsreels of crowds at beaches, in cities, and elsewhere with many people not wearing masks, social distancing, or making any effort to stem the spread of the virus. Some may be young and carefree, who have no thought of death, and others may in fact think they are immune.

In most every case, they likely take their cue from President Donald Trump, who ignores advice from advisers and scientific experts who advocate taking precaution to arrest the spread of the virus. This is vanity, plain and simple, by a man who not only thinks he is so perfect, but also so healthy, that he must display his false machismo.

Such an attitude shows an outrageous disregard for the people he supposedly represents. It shows a total lack of compassion, concern, and respect for the truth and for all those who have died from the horrible disease. In short, Donald Trump every day tells us that he does not care about us.

Stephen Colhoun


We need to reopen as fast as possible

Geoff Gratwick’s May 26 OpEd in the BDN is a good example of the arrogance and hypocrisy of many on the left. He apparently believes the state should remain locked down for as long as possible. He’s entitled to that opinion. However, he can’t rest after making his opinion evident — he has to essentially call anyone who disagrees with him “immoral” and “self-centered”, and say their actions are “blind, unthinking and profound in their selfishness.”

If the left had demonstrated a better understanding of the virus and its effects than those of us who want reopening, perhaps he’d be justified. But the leftist mayor of New York originally urged residents to get out and go to movies and have fun. The leftist governor of New York initially required nursing homes to accept patients who were known to have the virus. How many thousands of New Yorkers died from those decisions?

When we look back 10 years from now, it’s quite possible that we’ll realize the lockdown did more damage than the virus. The economy is suffering now, there are warnings that suicides and domestic violence have increased, and many jobs and businesses will never come back. I believe reopening as fast as possible is the best way to go.

Lawrence E. Merrill


A man of his word?

With reference to the article on the front page of the BDN on May 18, “ LePage speaks from inside car during protest in Augusta” — I seem to recall that Mr. LePage said he was going to Florida and not coming back.

A man of his word?

Denise Rule