We asked our readers to share photos and anecdotes about how the dog members of their household were dealing with the pandemic. Credit: Composite photo

It’s a commonly held belief among dog owners that dogs believe every day spent with their human is the best day ever. Now that Maine is almost two months into the stay at home order, we wondered how Bangor Daily News readers’ best friends were doing. Is it a canine dream come true? Or are the dogs of Maine learning the only thing worse than getting what they always wanted is actually getting it?

We asked our readers to share photos and anecdotes about how the dog members of their household were dealing with this disruption to their regular routines. Here is what some of you said:

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“Juju is currently the happiest puppy in America right now,” according to her owner Jordan Cohen. “She’s never been happier both spending time with us in the house while we work and running around mountains with us whenever the weather is nice.”

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“Oscar loves having his momma around more, but it’s just us so when he sees other humans he gets super excited and jumps up, a behavior that he had been trained to stop doing,” said Sara Sabal. “So a little remedial training is in order.”

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“Remus is handling the three walks a day and sleeping well,” reports Cara Ney.

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“Tippy is 15-years-old,” said Mary Cry. “He follows me around all day until periodically he gets so tired he retreats to his bed. In some ways, he is getting grumpier due to his lack of daytime sleep.”

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“Piper is loving having her dad home all day,” said Allison Murdoch. “She is a lab so someone is here to throw her ball a lot. Doggie day care has opened up again so now she gets to play with her friends one day a week.”

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“Coco is thrilled to have us home all the time, going for lots of walks and hikes,” said her mom Liz True. “But she has also picked up on the stress of her humans and seems especially clingy – following us from room to room. And she misses her friends from doggie daycare.”

How is your best friend dealing with the increased quality time?

Julia Bayly

Julia Bayly is a reporter at the Bangor Daily News with a regular bi-weekly column. Julia has been a freelance travel writer/photographer since 2000.