The public beaches in Wells reopen Monday as coronavirus-related restrictions begin to relax. Credit: Taylor Gleason | CBS 13

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The town of Wells reopened public beaches on Monday, but there are still restrictions in place.

On Monday, all public beaches reopened, including Drake’s Island Beach, Crescent Beach, Wells Beach and Moody Beach.

Mainers are only allowed to swim, fish, walk, work out and surf at the beaches. Visitors must maintain a 6-foot distance from others, and no large groups are allowed to congregate. A 14-day quarantine remains in effect for visitors from out of state, as well as for Mainers returning to the state.

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Wells Town Manager Jon Carter said he wants locals to enjoy the beaches, but they need to respect the rules in place.

“We are not allowing people to sit or lay in the beach because it promotes gathering and it is at this point not being allowed. What we are trying to do is bring back some beginnings of some normal use of the beach in the springtime,” Carter said.

Carter also said that there are several piping plover nests that have been spotted on the beaches. It is a threatened species, and visitors are asked to keep their distance from the birds and their nests.