An Amish employee of County Truss in Easton works at a machine on Wednesday, March 25. Credit: Staff Photo/David Marino Jr. | BDN

EASTON, Maine — There’s a new truss company in The County, and its owners said it is more than prepared to compete in a market that they believe needs expanding.

County Truss, which opened at 504 Station Road in Easton in February 2020, began as the brainchild of two veteran Amish contractors in The County: John and Joni Yoder. But while it is operated by primarily Amish staff, the company prides itself on its use of technology to build digitally-designed trusses for all who want them.

A truss is a structural unit built to provide support for another structure. County Truss engineers both roof and floor trusses designed by contractor CB Smith, who handles most of the technological aspects of the job, including phone calls, computer use and driving.

Though owned and staffed by members of the Amish community, whose faith has strict rules governing the use of technology, CB Smith said the company utilizes state-of-the-art computer systems to craft their trusses intricately.

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Smith said the company is putting a focus on precision and safety. The Simpson Strong-Tie program it uses does not allow a user to design a truss without adhering to local International Building Codes. In Aroostook County, that means being able to withstand up to 100 pounds of snow per square foot of truss.

Employees meticulously build the trusses using a laser-guided design system, which allows workers to know exactly where each plate and piece of lumber needs to go to the nearest centimeter based on computer designs.

Smith said that the Aroostook County construction season tends to be a short one, often beginning in May and sometimes ending as early as October. He said they were already fielding orders, and expect to be in full-swing next month.

He said that because the company was just beginning, it would likely stick to doing work around Aroostook County for the time being. As for the future, he hopes to be able to drive his pick-up truck to New Brunswick, downstate and the rest of New England.

Smith said something that distinguishes County Truss from other truss companies is that they are willing to sell their products to private individuals rather than to just to lumber yards.

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Smith said any regular homeowner who needs a truss will be able to buy one from the company.

John Yoder, one of the Amish employees of the organization, has worked in construction for more than 15 years in Upstate New York and Aroostook County.

He said he usually works from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., in what is grueling, physical labor. Yet, it is little problem for him: he sees a lot of value in a hard day’s work. It only makes him appreciate time with his family more.

Yoder said that he and his employees felt they could sell a durable, quality product across the area. He praised Aroostook Trusses, which has long been the primary truss-building business in The County, but said that he felt there was room in the market for another company.

“I think [there will] be enough for all of us,” Yoder said.