The second floor apartment at 42 Summer Street where 7-year-old Emaleeah Frost was shot in a drive-by shooting. Credit: Eesha Prendharkar | BDN

WATERVILLE — A Vassalboro man is the second person to be charged in connection to a drive-by shooting that left a 7-year-old girl with a bullet in her back.

Jeremiah Gamblin, 20, faces a charge of elevated aggravated assault for his involvement in a Feb. 28 shooting that mistakenly injured Emahleeah Frost outside a Waterville apartment building, the Morning Sentinel reported Thursday.

Emahleeah was treated for the bullet lodged between her two vertebrae before being released earlier this month from Maine Medical Center in Portland. Her family told officials they do not know why someone would have shot at their apartment.

The Vassalboro resident’s arrest f ollowed charges filed against Gavin Loabe, 18, of Mercer, on March 9.

Court testimony alleged that Loabe and Gamblin were seeking to find and “hurt” a person only identified as “Mr. Vigue” for allegedly propositioning Loabe’s girlfriend for sex.

Waterville Deputy police Chief Bill Bonney said the charge Gamblin faces “is based on the original investigation.” He added that authorities are not identifying which of the men was the shooter.

“I don’t want to get into specifics of the investigation,” Bonney said. “Obviously, we’re navigating through the system a little differently than we normally would because of the coronavirus outbreak, but we are still actively investigating.”

Gamblin is being held on a $750,000 bail at Kennebec County Jail in Augusta.

Bonney said he is certain detectives will bring “a good case to the court” when the courts open back up.