In this Oct. 3, 2019, file photo, a female black bear sleeps with her tongue out high up in a Ponderosa pine tree near Clark Fork School in the Rattlesnake neighborhood of Missoula, Montana. The bear's cub, not pictured, was snoozing on a nearby branch. Credit: Tommy Martino | The Missoulian via AP

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — New Hampshire wildlife officials warn that bears are more active this winter because of mild weather combined with limited snowfall.

New Hampshire Fish and Game officers said bears are encouraged to remain active because of the amount of available food, WMUR-TV reports. Bears typically hibernate from November to April, but in a mild winter that period can be shortened to December or January until March.

“Bears aren’t actually true hibernators,” said Daniel Bergeron of New Hampshire Fish and Game. “So, they can wake and go back out and get food and go back in and den up for an extended period of time. So just because they’re up doesn’t mean they’re up for good.”

Vermont wildlife officials voiced similar concerns about bear activity earlier this month.

Wildlife officials in New Hampshire and Vermont have recommended moving any potential outdoor food sources to prevent attracting bears.