April 04, 2020
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Saturday, February 22, 2020: Trump’s budget proposal, one family and community at a time, no one is exempt from the law

Trump’s budget proposal

With his proposed 2021 budget, President Donald Trump has unveiled how he intends to pay for the 2017 tax cuts that are on schedule to yield trillion dollar deficits far into the future.

His budget includes steep cuts to Medicaid, which covers 1 in 5 Americans — including those with disabilities, those earning low incomes and millions of people receiving long term care. Steep cuts to subsidies for those covered by the Affordable Care Act are also proposed.

At a time when hunger and homelessness continue to undermine the country’s vitality and student loan debt is crippling a younger generation, this president proposes cuts that would intensify all these challenges.

Perhaps most troubling though is the 26 percent reduction in the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency, the organization responsible for keeping our water safe to drink and our air clean.

Concerning the most critical issue facing mankind, climate change, the budget makes no mention.

Do you think Sen. Susan Collins will protect you from the worst impulses of this president?

Right after the 2017 tax cut, Trump told his rich friends at Mar-a-Lago, “You all just got a lot richer.”

Now he’s signaling to the rest of us that if he wins another term, we’re likely to get a whole lot poorer.

Naomi Mayer


Coronavirus response

Many countries have been struggling to find a cure for coronavirus. However, there are no vaccines or medicines being discovered so far. I’m relieved that doctors and researchers are trying their best to find this virus’s behavior and how it reacts to each person, but I’m also curious that although most of the best scientists around the world are working on this problem, they haven’t come up with a cure yet.

Nevertheless, a doctor named Rolf Hilgenfeld from the University of Luebeck in Germany has been trying to work on a cure for the coronaviruses since the 2003 outbreak of SARS. He discovered a drug for this virus, but this early-stage drug is not ready to use in people, so he was trying to use it on the animals in Wuhan.

Is it fair to delay the process of this drug testing? The Chinese government should test this drug immediately so that if the drug is successful, they could start testing on human beings.

The number of hospitalizations has been escalating in China, and there have been more than 2,000 deaths caused by this virus. Besides, the citizens of Britain who were stuck in Wuhan were begging for their country to bring them back. I strongly agree that the Chinese government is trying to prevent this virus, but they should also consider the foreigners who were trapped in Wuhan.

So, I propose that the Chinese government should try harder to resolve this problem and start preventing this virus from further outbreaks.

Midhun Thomas


No one is exempt from the law

If a store made most of its profit by selling oxycontin to kids, and I rob it at gunpoint to give money to a widowed mother for cancer treatment, it’s still a crime and I should be arrested and convicted.

If a president commits a crime, even for noble reasons, he still deserves to be impeached and then convicted.

If I made a right turn in a state where it’s illegal, ignorance doesn’t make it OK, and I should be ticketed. Ignorance is less excusable for a president.

If items I owned were subpoenaed and I refused, saying the trail wastes taxpayers money because I am innocent, I am still in contempt of court.

If I stole a smartphone and said it’s OK because that person stole two, so my crime isn’t important, would you agree? Is it OK for a president to break a law because his opponent might have, or he knows a senator who did? Should we just shrug it off?

What is decided now is what shapes the future of our states and country — our home! It’s the lesson we give to school bullies, budding politicians, future law enforcement officers. Equal justice under the law. No one is exempt from the law. Nothing excuses a crime.

Kara Anne Schreiber



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