Tommy Healey and his mom,Ana Petrova-Healey, play in the background while her husband Travis outlines his plans for Wicked Munchies restaurant in Ellsworth.

ELLSWORTH, Maine – Travis Healey plans to start selling some serious munchies on High Street. He won’t be selling anything marijuana-related, but he does hope to set fire to some chocolate cake.

The Wicked Munchies restaurant at 151 High St. will offer comfort food – including pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, loaded hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, chili, some salads and several desserts, Healey said.

Healey chose the location and restaurant name without paying too much attention to the marijuana puns that came with combining both.

“It’s just funny the way that it worked out,” Healey said as he sat with his wife, Ana Petrova-Healey, in the 850-square-foot space that both are renovating. “We didn’t name it that because of that, right? It just happened to be that way.”

The pun is part of the fun of the place, said Healey, who plans on having the restaurant feature baked Alaska flambe. That’s several layers of ice cream and fudgy, flourless chocolate cake topped by cotton candy to which Healey will set a match.

“I like setting stuff on fire,” Healey said.

Wicked Munchies will be the 36-year-old Bar Harbor resident’s first restaurant. He and Petrova-Healey have put more than $100,000 into the storefront, which is near Downeast Laundromat and Shinbashi, a Japanese restaurant. Bar Harbor Bank and Trust loaned the couple $60,000 for the startup and the Finance Authority of Maine insured about $36,000 of the loan, Healey said.

Healey said he has 22 years of experience as a chef and manager of restaurants in Bar Harbor, Florida and Michigan. He and his wife are doing as much of the renovation of the 850-square-foot space as they can. As of Wednesday, the countertops and floors were just about finished and the place awaited its kitchen equipment.

Healey hopes this Wicked Munchies will be the first of many. If all goes well, he plans to franchise it to several areas within Maine, he said.

The restaurant should open by April 1, he said.