Knox County

ROCKLAND, Maine — A former Rockland mayor was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly violating a protection from harassment order that a neighbor filed against him.

The order barred Harold Perry, 57, of Rockland from having any contact with the woman next door, who claimed Perry called her disparaging names and on one occasion threw potato chips in her face, according to court documents.

Perry was elected to the Rockland City Council in 2005 and was elected by the council in 2007 to serve as mayor. Perry lost a reelection bid in 2008. In Rockland, the role of mayor is largely ceremonial. Their primary role is to lead City Council meetings.

Rockland Police Chief Chris Young said Wednesday that Perry allegedly violated the protection order by continuing to make comments to the woman after he had been served with the order. The specific comments he made were not disclosed.

A judge imposed the protection order Feb. 3 after the woman went to police and made a written complaint. In the complaint, she said that Perry called her “an ugly old witch” adding that she wouldn’t “need a costume for Halloween.”

In another instance, the woman turned her car around in the driveway of the home where Perry lives. While she was turning the car around, Perry stood in front of her car, and when the woman rolled down her window he allegedly threw a handful of potato chips in her face, according to her statement.

Perry was released from the Knox County Jail on Tuesday on $250 unsecured bail. He is scheduled to appear in court Friday.