BIDDEFORD, Maine — A Maine food processing plant is planning to lay off nearly 100 employees by the end of March.

Growers Express announced it will be cutting jobs in an effort to become more efficient in the constantly evolving food processing market, the Portland Press Herald reported Thursday.

The Biddeford plant processes and packages fresh and frozen vegetables that are sold in bags under the Green Giant brand. The processing plant did not disclose how many total people it employs or whether the layoffs would result in the plant’s closure.

The plant sent a notice in December to the state’s Department of Labor about the mass layoff in accordance with state law.

“Growers Express continues to refine its business by adapting and working to become as efficient as possible in the ever-changing food processing marketplace,” Tristan Simpson, Growers’ vice president of sales and marketing, said in a statement issued Wednesday night.

Simpson said the 93 layoffs would take effect by March 24.

The state’s Department of Labor said it will provide a response team to meet with affected employees to discuss health insurance options, obtain unemployment benefits and assist with resume writing and job retraining.