Jake Becwar of Phippsburg was attacked by a fox early Tuesday morning when he went to start his car. Credit: CBS 13 | WGME

A suspected rabid fox attacked a Phippsburg man as he went to start his car early Tuesday morning.

Jake Becwar had just turned on his headlights when he reached to grab his ice scraper to remove the frost from his windshield. But as he turned to close the door, Becwar felt a tug on the ice scraper.

“I turned and looked and saw it was a fox, and it was starting to come after me, and I started swinging,” Becwar said.

Becwar tripped and fell to the ground. He then saw the fox had porcupine quills stuck in its mouth from a previous attack. He managed to kick the fox and hit it with the ice scraper.

“Once I fell here, I was right in the headlights and I really just could not see at that point, so at that point it was, get up keep my eye on the animal and get to somewhere,” Becwar said.

He said he’s seen foxes on his drive home, but he’s never had a fox come that close before. The fox didn’t bite him, but Becwar knows it could have been much worse.

“I just happened to have the ice scraper,” Becwar said. “It could have been anybody else. The roommate. The kiddo. The dog.”

After a couple of minutes, he went back outside to see if he could find any tracks the fox might have left.

Not finding any, he called animal control, which later found, captured and killed the fox.

Norm Turner with Phippsburg animal control said foxes are common in the region, and people should be on the lookout.

“A fox out sunning itself on your front lawn is not a concern,” Turner said. “A fox coming at you on your lawn, that’s a concern.”

Becwar said he’s concerned, and hopes it never happens again.

“Never in a million years,” Becwar said.