AJ Shaw, 19, makes his way out of the Garage at Pickering Square in March 2017 after work. Credit: Micky Bedell | BDN

The company that runs parking garages and parking lots and issues parking tickets in downtown Bangor has proposed raising the prices of monthly passes for the Pickering Square parking garage and a few other public lots.

In its annual report to the city, Republic Parking said that it is recommending the new rates “to remain in-line with other lots and actual demand.”

Among the recommended changes, the cost of a monthly pass for many users of the Pickering Square garage would increase from $61 to $63 — or from $732 to $756 annually. The costs of monthly passes for lots on Court Street, at the Bangor House apartments and near the Penobscot Judicial Center would also go up by similar amounts, according to Republic’s recommendations.

It’s not clear whether the city will approve those changes or, if so, when they could take effect. Members of the Bangor City Council are due to consider Republic’s annual report at a meeting of the group’s business and economic development committee next Tuesday. Tyler Collins, a community and economic development officer for the city, didn’t immediately respond to emailed questions.

The last time the monthly rates for those parking lots went up was in 2016. Some of the city’s other public parking lots saw their rates change more recently in 2017.

Republic has also proposed adopting a fee of $65 for monthly passes to use the 12 new parking spaces at the front of the recently renovated Pickering Square garage.

In its annual report, Republic also projected that the Pickering Square garage would see an increase in monthly users because the engineering consulting firm CES, Inc. is relocating to new headquarters in One Merchants Plaza after outgrowing its office in Brewer.