Kevorn Haywood, left, and David Martinez Jr. Credit: Courtesy of Lewiston Police Depa

Two more people were arrested on Monday in connection to Saturday morning’s shooting in Lewiston.

Kevorn Ocarla Haywood, 32, of Lewiston was arrested and charged with violation of conditions of release. He was on three separate sets of bail conditions stemming from previous pending local criminal charges, according to Lewiston police spokesman Lt. David St. Pierre.

David Martinez Jr., 30, of Portland was arrested on a probation hold. Martinez was on probation for a Class A robbery conviction, St. Pierre said.

“Three search warrants were conducted during which time police located and seized an additional two handguns, various ammunition, drug trafficking related evidence and cellphones believed to be related to this weekend’s Walnut Street incident,” Lewiston police department said.

Police said that the evidence will undergo forensic investigation and will likely lead to more arrests.

An incidental arrest not related to the shooting was also made. Marissa Weston, 21, of the Lewiston area was arrested on a pre-existing warrant of arrest charging criminal mischief, police said.

Police received calls just before 3 a.m. Saturday reporting gunshots and fighting near Pierce and Walnut streets, according to police.

Three arrests were made on Saturday morning following a standoff at an apartment building at 21 Walnut St.