The "Welcome to Kennebunkport" sign stolen in recent days has been found, police say. Credit: Courtesy of the Kennebunkport Police Department

The sign welcoming people as they cross a bridge into Kennebunkport has been found after thieves absconded with it.

The Kennebunkport Police Department said Monday morning that the sign was recovered, but did not disclose details about where it was found.

“The sign was, unfortunately, taken by those who would rather take that which is not their own,” the department said in a Facebook post.

Kennebunkport police sought the public’s help on Friday when they announced the copper and aluminum sign was stolen from the side of Lanigan Bridge.

Kennebunkport police Deputy Chief Kurt Moses told CBS affiliate WGME last week that police were confident the sign, which displays the town’s skyline above the words “Welcome to Kennebunkport, wasn’t stolen for scrap, saying “I believe it’s a trophy sitting in somebody’s living room.”

The sign will return to its post, where it has been since 2005, after a touch-up, Kennebunkport police said.