Health care heroes

The doctor said no sports for me for six weeks. At 63, I’m thankful I can still enjoy playing hockey and basketball. But after suffering three broken ribs from hitting a hockey goal post, I’ve learned something about heroes.

My recovery began at St. Joseph’s Emergency Department and continued on to Eastern Maine Medical Center. The St. Joseph’s doctor that diagnosed me and inserted a tube into my chest was amazing. Around midnight with a roomful of patients waiting for him, he managed to do everything right for me. I was lucky to have him.

Around 2 a.m. at EMMC, my luck continued. A trauma surgeon with another roomful of patients waiting for her also gave me excellent care. The nurses and medical assistants were just as amazing. I wondered how these people do it. I know I couldn’t. What kind of person can become totally selfless and totally focused on the needs of strangers? These people are true heroes.

Our health care system should efficiently serve these heroes, to give them time and resources to best serve their patients. Instead, we have a sometimes blind system where insurance companies prioritize profits for their investors and burden our care-giving heroes with forms and paperwork in order to minimize payouts.

Most of us will see these heroes on our last few days on Earth, hopefully a long time from now. I will find comfort knowing that I will leave this life with heroes, the best of humanity, all around me.

David Labrecque


Time to move forward with bus hub

“Time to move forward on Pickering Square bus hub” was a perfect title for Darcy Cooke’s Dec. 21 OpEd in the BDN. Now that two substantial (both thorough and costly) studies have concluded that the best place for the bus hub is Pickering Square, it is definitely time to move on. No one solution is going to please everyone.

Cooke’s observation that “moving a transit hub is not like rearranging furniture” is so true. We have several places in downtown to gather for dance and other events, both in the smaller parks and along the waterfront, and the cost and confusion of moving the hub would be astronomical and ill-placed.

To take Cooke’s analogy one step further: it would be like deciding to cook and serve dinner in your bath tub when you already have a perfectly good kitchen and dining room in your house. Let your city councilors know that it’s time to move forward. The first council meeting of the new year is Monday, Jan. 13 at 7:30 p.m. in the council chambers.

Suzanne Kelly


Democratic Party gone rogue

It seems the Democrats have decided to do their own thing in spite of their previous positions on moral issues. Now their platform includes abortion, with some Democratic-led states allowing it up to just before birth, as part of what increasingly looks like a socialist agenda. Socialism has never been shown to be “good for the people” as seen in the Soviet Union, Cuba and Venezuela. It has brought misery and destruction to those countries.

We need much prayer in order to save our republic from total destruction when we vote in 2020. Socialism would destroy all that we have been privileged to have since the inception of this great country.

Noreen Liebmann