Credit: Stock image | Pixabay

AUGUSTA, Maine — A Maine man driving down the road saw what he thought was a pile of debris, and it turned out to be $10,000 — which he promptly helped return.

Augusta resident Raynard Grover pulled over in his hometown on Monday and found the bag of thousands of dollars in the road. He called Augusta police to report the find, which turned out to belong to the owner of a local business.

WABI-TV reports Power Equipment Plus owner Randy Violette had been bringing the cash to the bank. He had set a pile of cash that was slated for deposit from the previous day on the bumper of his car, and forgot it was there when he drove off.

Grover says he felt “anxiety, panic” when he found the money, but he knew he had to try to find its owner. Augusta Police Chief Jared Mills said “that somebody would come into that much money and turn that into the police department is pretty special.” He said it was especially thoughtful of Grover to make the gesture during the Christmas season.