Quicker action on climate change

Thanks to Gov. Janet Mills, Maine is leading the way on climate, but we need to speed up the response to the crisis. She has made a good start on her pledge to make Maine carbon neutral by establishing the Maine Climate Council, putting up solar panels at the Blaine House, implementing electric car rebates, etc. Unfortunately, Maine (and the world’s nations) must now act with ” unprecedented urgency,” according to U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

The recent U.N. Emissions Gap Report, released in anticipation of the ongoing U.N. climate conference in Madrid, states global greenhouse gasses have continued to increase and are at an all time high of 55.3 gigatons.

Yes, Maine is on track to meet its goals, but we must move up the timeline. Our current targets would have been splendid even 10 years ago. However, the planet is more and more rapidly approaching critical climate tipping points previously thought to be years away. As activist Greta Thurnberg says, we need to act like our house is on fire.

Haydee Foreman


EarthSong Climate and Justice Singers

Blue Hill

Lisa Savage deserves attention

An inclusive and informative press conference organized by the Maine Green Independent Party candidate for U.S. Senate, Lisa Savage, at the New England Clean Energy Connect/Central Maine Power corridor public hearing in Lewiston was well-attended by press, but no media outlet reported on it or her testimony in the public hearing. How disappointing. How injurious to a democracy.

Savage was the only Senate candidate who bothered to attend the hearing, and spoke about why this is a bad deal for Maine. She was joined by John Gonzales, a Canadian representing native peoples from the hydro-impacted area and Dawn Neptune Addams of the Penobscot Nation.They spoke about the climate emergency we’re in and how shortsighted it was to drown and cut down forests that sequester carbon. The flooded area is the size of Vermont. Clean energy is not being brought directly to Maine. We should not be importing big hydro from Canada, but creating renewable energy projects in Maine.

Savage believes this CMP corridor will hurt the tourism economy. Wilderness is too valuable to give away to Hydro-Quebec. The contract even allows energy swaps that aren’t made public that can substitute fossil fuels-generated energy for hydropower.

The media missed reporting on some important testimony and an important press conference, and the public suffers.

Natasha Mayers


Dangerous impeachment moves

Rep. Jared Golden said Maine needs jobs and Maine needs good trade deals. Unemployment is a historic low under the Trump administration. The economy is booming with millions of jobs being created. Golden voted to proceed with an impeachment investigation of the very man that has continued the turnaround of the U.S. economy.

Golden ran on getting rid of bad trade deals. Yet USMCA, which could benefit Maine and the U.S., has sat on the House speaker’s desk for over a year. Democrats in the House pass partisan nonsense knowing full well it will never pass in the Senate and waste taxpayers’ money doing so. Meanwhile, bills like the USMCA that have bipartisan support are stalled.

The Democrats’ flagrant abuse of power threatens democracy as we know it. Golden is no innocent bystander.

Our forefathers set up the U.S. government with three equal branches for a reason. Democrats have gotten too big for their britches ignoring the authority of the judicial and executive branches.

Make no mistake, a vote down party lines to impeach a president is nothing more than an attempt by opposition party to overthrow a duly elected president. “Can’t beat him at the ballot box, so impeach him,” mutes the voice of the voters. Maine voted in 2016 and will do so again in 2020.

The Democrats’ drawing up articles of impeachment before the hearings have ended speaks volumes. They have now opened Pandora’s Box. Every future president will be impeached when the opposition party “controls” the House. Voters be damned.

Catherine Ferrell