December 03, 2019
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Friday, November 29, 2019: A waste of time and money, preventing justice instead of procuring it, why I will vote yes on Question 1

A waste of time and money

Dr. Fiona Hill testified right on target last week when she said that the Russians really didn’t care who won or lost the last election, so long as they caused havoc in the United States.

Look at the results: The Russians were very successful, and they’re having the last laugh. Think of it, nearly three years and more than $30 million spent of the Mueller investigation of President Trump — and now the impeachment inquiry.

I know Hill is right from my own experience in Lahore, Pakistan. The Russians paid Pakistan to run Russian-made evil, anti-American movies in the local movie house at the same time we paid Pakistan to allow us to set up a nuclear detection station. The Russians were watching our team all the time from across the street. Money talks, especially in that part of the world.

Remember, Russia is a country of nearly 145 million people with an annual economy of roughly $4 trillion, while our population more than 320 million and we have an annual economy of over $19 Trillion. Russia is half our size with an annual economy 18 percent the size of ours.

Russian bipartisan meddling in our last election has made us look like fools. What bothers me is that our elected officials in Washington didn’t see the Russian meddling and stop before it could do any damage. We have wasted so much time and money.

Richard de Grasse


Preventing justice instead of procuring it

Listening to the impeachment “hearings,” never have I been so angry, disgusted or scared for my country, my freedom and my grandchildren! I come from a long line of patriotic Americans — people who helped found and form the country.

Many courageous people, like my ancestors, fought to be free from the tyrannical rule of England. They studied great minds such as Cicero, Plato and John Locke. The brightest of minds came together to form a “more perfect union” — a union of justice where due process and presumed innocence are paramount for freedom and equality.

What I viewed during these “hearings” was anything but justice. Justice is supposed to be blind, but the only blindness going on here were the accusations (and they change daily) that President Donald Trump is guilty of bribery, abuse of power, contempt of Congress and obstruction of justice. That’s the narrative. From my perspective, the truth and the facts are — and yes, we should deal in both truth and facts — there is nothing going on here. Nothing nefarious. Nothing illegal.

Trump asked for nothing from Ukraine, according to Ambassador Gordon Sondland. He did what any president should do to make sure our foreign aid is used properly.

It was not a “trial” but a sham, so he gave it the contempt it deserved. The obstructers were these Democrats, who obstructed this investigation from being conducted justly. These Democrats who go off on rants with fictitious allegations and “ parody.” These Democrats who are not procuring justice for the American people, but preventing it from happening!

Diane Vernesoni


Why I will vote yes on Question 1

The successful People’s Veto petition of LD 798 has us pondering the priorities of our great state of Maine.

Maine continues to be ravaged by the opioid epidemic, brought to us in part by an industry that profits from the crisis with little culpability for our significant losses.

LD 798 mandates vaccines which are produced by the same pharmaceutical industry — one that, since 1986, has no liability for their products. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation program has paid out approximately $4 billion in settlements for vaccine injuries and deaths.

The Centers for Disease Control currently recommends more than 50 doses of vaccines by age 18. The schedule was four doses when I was a child. The liability-free pharmaceutical industry profits greatly from vaccine mandates.

Maine has vaccination rates that average around 95 percent in our schools without forced mandatory vaccination. Under LD 798, children who are missing even one dose could be denied access to public and private education in Maine. For adults, LD 798 could lead to Maine health care and day care workers losing their jobs if they want to opt out of required vaccinations.

If LD 798 becomes law, Maine would become one of only five states in our nation to enforce mandatory vaccinations, potentially leaving thousands of healthy Maine children without access to education.

I plan to vote “Yes on 1” in March to reject LD 798, because I am a Mainer who believes that Maine should set the tone for our nation and resist the pressure to sell our great state to big pharma.

Heather Connolly


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