Corridor alternatives

Has Central Maine Power looked at other alternatives to an energy corridor that will stretch across Maine’s northwestern forest? CMP’s proposed route would break up pristine forest. CMP’s corridor was originally to cross over the Kennebec Gorge and also destroy a publicly protected brook trout habitat. CMP previously said alternative routes were impossible. But when it looked like the Land Use Planning Commission might reject the corridor because of concerns about the brook trout habitat, miraculously alternate routes became available.

I’m a Maine Guide and an intervener against the New England Clean Energy Connect corridor, and I have to ask: Why then would CMP be able to use alternatives they had previously told officials were impossible? What other alternatives exist?

Edwin Buzzell

Moxie Gore

USM name change

Back in the last century, many of us who now haunt these pages attended UMO — the University of Maine at Orono. The University of Maine had other campuses as well: UMA, UMF, UMPI, UMFK, UMM and — after Dow Air Force Base closed — UMB (which somehow has since become part of UMA).

And there was UMPG — the University of Maine at Portland-Gorham — affectionately referred to by most students as PoGo.

At some point, it was decided that the University of Maine at Orono should simply become the University of Maine — UMaine.

But then the PoGo crowd started complaining that this change made it look like Orono was the only real campus in the system. So PoGo — like its comic pages namesake — vanished, and was replaced by the University of Southern Maine.

So now we had a UMS — the University of Maine System — and a USM. Heads began to hurt.

While all this was happening, Portland was becoming a more sophisticated, urban destination.

Now the UMS trustees have voted to do away with USM, and create UMP — the University of Maine at Portland.

Sorry, Gorham, you’ve been disappeared. Somewhat like the comic strip “Pogo,” you’ve met the enemy and it is UMS.

The proposal now heads to the Legislature. I’m left to wonder how long it will take before someone decides that we should rename the University of Maine to the University of Maine at Orono — easily done because the moniker UMO is available.

That action would, of course, clear the way for UMP to eventually become UMaine.

As goes Maine, so goes the university.

David Bright


President Trump and the internet

I am so sick and tired of hearing President Donald Trump l ay claim to our current economic heyday that I feel compelled to point out a fact that he seems conveniently oblivious to: In a word, the internet.

It is the internet, that global merchandising miracle, that place one can go all hours of the day or night on a whim or a want and purchase virtually any desired item imaginable. It is the internet that has so aroused America’s entrepreneurial creativity, in both its manufacturing and marketing persuasions, that is lifting this nation into a tomorrow of unequaled prosperity. It is the internet that, I believe, will bring the president down.

Phil Tobin