Help from Belfast Reentry Center

The Sandy Point Community Club recently served its annual Harvest Supper. The members of the club cooked up a wonderful meal, while members of the local community donated more than 25 pies of all kinds for dessert. For the second year in a row, we used produce donated by the Belfast Reentry Center. The residents of the center grow a large amount of squash, potatoes, carrots and other crops that they use for their center, but they generously donate surplus to the community and nonprofit organizations.

Along with the produce, we also had the volunteer efforts of several of the soon-to-be-freed inmates who are preparing to go back into society and their families. The volunteers were polite, friendly and very helpful, and we really appreciated their interest in what we were doing and the way they pitched in to help wherever they were needed. As a small nonprofit, we are often short on help and when we have an event like a supper, every person who volunteers to help us is welcome and appreciated.

I truly wish to thank the staff of the Belfast Reentry Center and the residents who volunteered to help us. I’m sure that the young men we met at the supper will succeed in re-establishing their lives and families. And I know we, members of the Sandy Point Community Club, will remember their services to us fondly.

Veronica Magnan

Stockton Springs

Politicians work for us

I need to ask everyone if they forgot that senators and congressmen are employees of the people!

Where I worked, if an employee was not doing their job, we fired them. We can do that to senators and congressmen by voting. If you feel they are not working for your state or your interest, vote them out by voting for someone else.

I will be voting against Sen. Susan Collins. She was told by many people in Maine they did not want Brett Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court, but she voted for him. This is not right. We elect officials to stand up for their state and follow the will of the people. We need to take back our power. We need them to work together to make change and bring this country back together working with compromise and fairness. I hope people will think about what is best for our next four years.

Kathy MacLaughlin


A tip about the tipping system

Survey data show that restaurant servers and customers love the tipping system. Why do most of the Democratic presidential candidates want to scrap it?

The current approach works well: Servers are legally guaranteed to earn at least the minimum wage with tips included; Census Bureau data show they report earning twice that or more, thanks to generous tips that follow great service.

Tipped workers have fought against changes to this system, and with good reason. In states that have abandoned the tipped wage system, servers often find themselves replaced with automated alternatives, such as tabletop ordering devices. A new report from economists at Miami and Trinity universities finds that restaurants staff fewer tipped workers in these high-cost environments.

Here’s a tip for the politicians supporting a change to this system: The employees don’t want it.

Michael Saltsman

Managing director

Employment Policies Institute

Washington, D.C.