We tested your Bangor knowledge today with five historical locations that house something completely different today.

Without further ado, here are the answers.

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This building, located at 167 Center St., is now the home of Chopsticks, a popular Chinese restaurant.

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Seguino’s, formerly located at 735 Main St., closed in the 1990s, and after that, the building was home to a long succession of other restaurants, including Guinness & Porcelli’s, Perrihouse, the Market Bistro and the Whistling Pig Smokehouse, which closed in 2014. Today, the building is home to Links Web Design.

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This building at 1001 Union St. formerly housed Rustler’s, a steakhouse, but for many years now it’s been home to Union Street Laundromat and Dry Cleaners.

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Thirty years after this photo was taken, the Broadway Shopping Center is now home to Planet Fitness, Patrick’s Hallmark Shop and a U.S. Cellular store.

Credit: Spike Webb

We told you this was a hard one. The building you’re looking at is the former Hannibal Hamlin Grammar School — a school akin to a combination elementary and middle school today — that was located at the corner of Union and Third streets.

In 1959, the school was torn down, and a supermarket was built in its place — the former Doug’s Shop n’ Save, which itself closed in the 1990s. That shopping center is presently home to Japanese restaurant Ichiban, Wilcox Fitness and Gold Star Cleaners.

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