High winds brought down a tree in a neighborhood on 18th Street in Bangor on Friday morning. Winds gusting up to 52 mph in Greater Bangor caused widespread outages overnight into Friday morning. Credit: LInda Coan O'Kresik

Around 10,000 homes and businesses in Maine still lacked power early Sunday afternoon afternoon following a heavy wind storm that blew across the state late Thursday night into Friday.

Fewer than 10,000 Central Maine Power customers and about 2,300 Emera Maine customers still had outages as of 2 p.m. Sunday, the companies reported. Both utilities projected that they would restore power to nearly all of their customers by the end of Sunday.

More than 230,000 — 180,000 for CMP and 58,000 for Emera Maine — lost power at the height of the storm, the utilities said Sunday.

Early Sunday afternoon, Emera Maine reported some of its largest remaining outages in communities in Greater Bangor, including more than 200 in Ellsworth, Dedham and Greenbush, and more than 100 in Clifton, Orono and some communities close to the coast, such as Deer Isle and Sorrento.

CMP reported 2,300 outages remained in Somerset County, 1,700 in Franklin County and 800 in Oxford County.

Last week’s storm brought winds that gusted up to 60 mph from Halloween night into Friday morning, knocking down trees and power lines and creating hazardous travel conditions. It caused slightly more power outages than the nor’easter two weeks earlier, which brought winds as high as 73 mph along the coast and cut the electricity to more than 219,000 people.

But neither storm was as severe as the wind storm that hit Maine on Oct. 30, 2017, knocking out power to almost 500,000 people — even more outages than followed the state’s historic ice storm of 1998.