Focus on the facts

President Donald Trump and his allies declare impeachment hearings are being held ” in secret and behind closed doors” and Republicans (supposedly) don’t know what’s going on. Trump’s supporters seem to have fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

Republicans violated the rules and ” stormed” the meeting room making themselves look like sycophantic fools.

Trump’s supporters appear willing to believe whatever he wants them to. However, despite his false and misleading claims, facts prove that there are Republicans on every single committee involved in the hearings. Some Republicans have been able to see and hear everything from the beginning of the hearings.

The evidence is overwhelming. Eventually, even the most fanatical of his supporters will no longer be able to deny what many Americans have known for a long time: no one is above the law.

I believe Trump will go down in history as the most incompetent and corrupt president this country has ever had in office.

Get out and vote in 2020.

Kelly Williams


Bonneville for Belfast

I am writing to endorse Brenda Bonneville for Belfast City Council. Bonneville knows Belfast. Her home is on Congress Street; a busy in-town neighborhood. She is a long-time small-business person where she works with her head and her hands. She routinely has to both manage and run a small business and use tools and a million parts to prepare and repair lamps as she does at Ambiance in downtown Belfast.

Bonneville is also publisher — a co-founder and editor of — and also helps manage her husband Thierry Bonneville’s web design and communications business. Their two daughters went through the Belfast school system and graduated from the University of Maine System.

Bonneville served nine years on the board of Waterfall Arts and has had an active public life where she is well known for being sensible, pragmatic, and moderate. She also does not pretend to have all the answers. Belfast has had a couple of tough years. It is time to get back to work. Please join me in supporting Bonneville for the Belfast City Council.

Michael Hurley

City Councilor


Echoes of the past

History does not truly repeat itself, but it does spin in spirals where each ring echoes the past. And so it is with the impeachment inquiry involving President Donald Trump. His primary defense seems to be “I did not have quid pro quo with that county,” echoing former President Bill Clinton from some years ago.

In the public mind, Clinton was impeached (but not convicted) for that one single lie, which is not a good starting point for Trump. And for those old enough to remember Watergate and former President Richard Nixon, I hear an echo of ” but it would be wrong” as Nixon so famously corrected an incriminating statement when he remembered that the tape recorders were on.

Let’s see if the Senate, currently so worried about ” the process” in the House of Representatives, can figure out how to hold a fair trial.

Judson Esty-Kendall