Karl, 5, was dressed as Pennywise the clown for the corgi meetup outside Stephen King's house. Credit: Eesha Pendharkar | BDN

Pennywise the clown is known for lurking in dark crevices, but on the Saturday before Halloween, he made an appearance in broad daylight outside Stephen King’s home in Bangor.

In this case, Pennywise was a 5-year-old corgi named Karl. He stood outside the winged gates, waiting to lure passersby with his signature red balloon.

Karl was one of dozens of corgis that congregated for a special Halloween spooktacular meetup outside King’s West Broadway house at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

Even though King’s corgi, Molly — aka the Thing of Evil — did not make an appearance, King’s son and writer Joe Hill walked down the driveway of the red mansion to join the gathering with his 12-year-old corgi, McMurtry.

“I’m just down to visit the other corgis with my corgi,” Hill said as McMurtry pulled on his leash, eager to socialize.

Karl’s owner Jennifer Berube said they traveled from Winthrop for the meetup, hoping to see Stephen King or Molly.

After the dogs mingled for almost an hour outside of King’s house, the owners led them — and their furry corgi butts — to a nearby dog park.

Credit: Eesha Pendharkar | BDN